Friday, January 24, 2014

All about logistics for choir performances

Hi choir! :) This is post is about the logistics that is to be done before a choir performance. For your information, this was also a workshop-ish session conducted by Mr Tay for the choir. Happy reading! 

Logistics for choir performances

- everything must be done at least 2 weeks before the actual performance!

1. Attire
  • ensure availability of spares (e.g. brooches, organza)
  • gown check to be conducted as well: gown is not too tight, organza is not torn or burnt, properly, silver ballet flats looks okay (i.e. no parts of the flats should be peeling off)
  • if one's attire is less than perfect, one will not be allowed on stage

2. Folders
  • black ring files are to be used as performance folders
  • folder should be non-glossy, should not reflect light
  • it should be in plain back colour, without any markings or the rings popping out
  • files check to be conducted before performance

3. Emcees
  • assign 2 or more, preferably from different sections
  • emcees are to be coached by teachers first
  • script are to be vetted by teachers (on language and other stuff) and the conductors (on music stuff) at least 1 month in advance for proof-reading and checking

4. Stage logistics
  • must be rehearsed by student leaders and teachers
  • stage logistics include walking in and out, positioning on stage, stage manager to cue for starts (usually by teachers)
  • sound control room on video and audio recording, and stage lightning
  • preparation of tokens of appreciation
  • Self-visualization by each choir member (sequence of songs, walking in and out)

5. Musical readiness
  • Auditions to be held for pianists, soloists and octets
  • Appoint more than 1 soloist, in case the original soloist is unable to perform on that day
  • Octets: everybody in the octet should be able to sing the whole section by her own voice

Hope you find this helpful! :) For more information, please check your choir booklet and view Ankita's post (She's our ex-treasurer) on how to put on makeup, and Anthea's post on performance etiquette (She's our ex-secretary) (Thank you Ankita and Anthea! :) ) that's all for today. See you all soon! :)

-Wen Yi